Monday, October 21, 2013

Knopflerfish Pro 5 is released - OSGi R5 in 316K

We are happy to announce the availability of Knopflerfish Pro 5, the leading open source based OSGi run-time for embedded and desktop use. Knopflerfish Pro 5 is a new major release of Knopflerfish and brings KF Pro to OSGi R5 for both OSGi Core and OSGi Compendium specifications.

With Knopflerfish Pro 5 we make the OSGi run-time even smaller by introducing a new, compact version of the Knopflerfish framework, occupying no more than 316K of disk-space.

The most important changes in KF Pro 5 are:
  • OSGi Core Release 5 - Core Knopflerfish OSGi framework updated to be designed according to OSGi Release 5
  • OSGi Compendium Release 5 - All Compendium Services are updated to be designed according to OSGi Release 5
  • OSGi R5 framework in no more than 316K. This is achieved by the new compact version of the Knopflerfish OSGi framework, targeting small embedded devices. The framework code is compacted, and optional security classes have been removed
  • KF5 fully uses the OSGi specified repository format. New Repository Manager bundle, new console commands for interacting with the repository manager, as well as new Repository Desktop manager.
  • TR-069 - A new set of base components, utilities and examples for integration of TR-069 with OSGi, including the OSGi defined "Residential Management Tree" DMT Admin mapping, TR-069 protocol adapters and example bundles. Pro Premium only
  • An HGI (Home Gateway Initiative) setup guide, describing how to set up and fine tune Knopflerfish Pro when used on an HGI compliant home gateway. Pro Premium only
  • Knopflerfish and Knopflerfish Pro utility and similar bundles, e.g. desktop, console commands etc, are all updated to use the OSGi R5 APIs.
Knopflerfish Pro 5  is available for download from the customer download site along-side with the 5.0 version of Knopflerfish Pro Premium.

 The open source Knopflerfish 5 is released at the same time at the Knopflerfish project: 


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